Advancing tolerance and forgiveness

A place for uplifting art

Using art as a means to bring people together

Education for refugees and IDPs

Our Purpose Scholarship program offers educational support to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons.

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Afrogiveness Movement

A forgiveness and arts movement for survivors of conflict and intolerance. Coined from “Africa” and “Forgiveness,” the Afrogiveness Movement (#Afrogiveness) advances tolerance, empathy and forgiveness as keys to sustainable peace.


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What We Do

  • A Safe Space

    Its Afrogiveness Centre has offered a safe space in which survivors of conflict of all ethnic groups,religions and physical/mental abilities or disabilities can receive psycho social,educational and legal support but also connect, heal and uplift each other while releasing through art therapy.
  • Events

    The annual “Tolerance Show,” run in partnership with UNESCO every international day of tolerance (November,16) uses arts to promote tolerance, inclusion,diversity and peace. The Mental Health and Psychosocial-disability Policy Forum (MEPPOF) is an event organized by the Afrogiveness Movement and the African Initiative for Health and Research Promotion (AIHRP) to advance policy and legislature which encourages tolerance, forgiveness and empathy.
  • Educational Support

    The Purpose Scholarship offers educational support to refugees and Internally Displaced Persons who desire to transform pain to purpose. We also run the Purpose Students for SDGs campaign to donate their useful but unwanted school books, bags and shoes to those in need.
  • Legal Support

    We help Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) recover their documents and defend them in case of abuse.

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